3-Step Happy Morning Checklist

With another Ramadan from home on the horizon, we felt that it's a good time to reflect and refresh. We asked ourselves, are we really appreciating the moments in our day? From ordinary moments, to the more memorable, we thought it might be best to start form the beginning, the morning. So here it is, a simple 3-step list of reminders for us all this Ramadan:
1. Find Sacredness In Your First Waking Moments We exit the world of dreams into the comfort of our bedroom. If you're like us, the first thing you do is reach for your phone. Upon doing so, you are virtually bombarded with missed calls, text messages, emails and news reels. Instead, why not take a few moments to yourself, feel the posture of your body, be simply grateful for your blessings and the ability to pray, stretch and meditation. Framing the mind to just feeling blessed to be given a new day, can really help us access our natural inner joy.
2. Cleanse Your Space The Arabs have frankincense and bukhoor, Native Americans have sage, the Indians burn agarbatti and the Chinese use incense clocks. For centuries, civilizations world-wide have used various tools to clear stagnant, heavy or unwanted energies in order to purify space and make room for metaphysical cleansing. We find it most effective to burn a few pebbles of frankincense every morning to declutter yourself and the space you're in - giving you a little morning energy boost. Be sure to crack open a door or a window to ease the energy flow.
3. Perform A Simple Act Of Kindness It's very easy to make room for others in the beginning of your day before the needs of the day take over. It can be as simple as sending a text to someone to thank them for being who they are, complimenting a colleague, tipping the barista more generously, or sending flowers just because. Most importantly, think about the needs of others around you, and how you can make their day a little better.


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