We believe in the power of protecting the natural resources around us and doing as much as possible to reduce our impact on the the environment. We try our best in ensuring we keep our products and packaging as sustainable as possible, where we consciously choose fabrics and suppliers. 

Here's a rundown on what we're doing: 

No Fabric Goes to Waste 

We are mindful of fabric waste in the garment industry, which is why we choose to upcycle cutaway fabric to create our signature packaging as well as fun, useful objects like scrunchies!  

Recycled Paper

Where we can, we use recycled paper in our design work and delivery cards. We are also aiming to use recycled paper in all we do. This means to use recycled paper for our delivery slips, invoices and tracing paper. 

Plastic Free Packaging 

Because we use cutaway fabric for our packaging, we have managed to reduce our plastic use to next to none. The exception? Our delivery bags. That's why were are looking to design and purchase biodegradable delivery bags by the end of 2021, making us a plastic-free company. 

 On Demand Method

On-Demand is a method of producing goods are only produced when they are needed. This leads to reduced excess product at the end of each season (and lots of legroom to create new designs with designs that just didn't work).

The On-Demand Method means that we make each piece specially for you when you place your order (which we think adds a sprinkle of magic!)